We deliver a full spectrum of world-class electrical services

When searching for an electrician to to carry out your site work and site lighting, you can call on us! We are the  the most trusted professionals in the business and get the job done with unparalleled experience. We cover everything from parking lot lighting, sports lighting (such as Musco), meter pedestals, EV charging station, canopy lighting, trash enclosure lighting and park wireless access points and many more services.

If you’re ready to experience the DSP Electrical difference, get in touch with us today. Our professionals will go above and beyond to ensure your complete satisfaction. 



Site Work & Site Lighting

Underground Dry Utilities

DSP Electrical are highly trained in all aspects of underground power installations to ensure a safe and top quality project on time and within budget.

DSP Electrical focuses on the underground, dry utility, residential and commercial construction market and provides new construction, renovation and service upgrades for commercial and industrial facilities, underground utility and distribution, street lighting, outdoor lighting and site dry utilities. We are committed to quality, safety and customer satisfaction at all times.

We provide installations for Generator, UPS, and Transformer Equipment. Transformers are some of the most reliable assets used in electrical power systems. Transformer failures can cost you millions in lost production, income and customers. Through regular transformer testing and maintenance, you can uncover developing problems before they escalate. This enables proactive repair that supports system reliability and business continuity.

DSP Electrical brings some of the industry’s most skilled electrical testing, maintenance, and engineering experts to your plant for installations and maintenance to ensure your transformer can provide reliable power for your business. 

Generator, UPS, and Transformer Equipment Installation

At DSP Electrical we specialize in design, construction, and repair of lighting which includes outdoor lighting maintenance and other commercial lighting services.

We conduct LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems installation, repair and upgrades. We use the most advanced equipment and our employees are highly trained. 


LED Lighting and Lighting Control Systems installation

Fire Alarm

The vast majority of buildings need a fire alarm to ensure the protection of life and property. They are the safest and most reliable way of informing all employees and staff of a fire situation.

DSP Electrical offers a comprehensive design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for all types of detection – including single-point smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detection, beam detection, wireless, air sampling (aspirated) and gas suppression systems.

Our professional team provide the most effective solutions for the security level that meets our clients’ needs for today and tomorrow. We strive to incorporate the latest IP and technological advances in the design of access control systems. 

From the simplest to the most complex. Access control restricts entry into an area by means of electric locks and various entry techniques. DSP installs access control systems as well as provides ongoing service as needed. Contact us for installation or service of your system.

Access Control

Structured Cabling (now frequently referred to as data cabling or network cabling) is the physical layer that delivers all your organization’s information and voice communications. A poorly designed network cabling system may decrease your network performance and cause communication errors.

With the advent of VoIP (voice over IP), voice communications are now delivered on the same network cable plant as computer applications thus requiring an upgrade to higher quality data cabling. Clients are now replacing lower grade Cat 3 and Cat 5 voice cable systems with higher performance Category 5e and Category 6 network cabling systems. 

Data Cabling

CCTV / Security

Proving CCTV Security Cameras installations businesses and homeowners can rely on. Installations or servicing, we can tailor individual CCTV security camera systems to meet your specific security needs.


With more than two decades of solar industry experience, our team now specializes in solar repair and maintenance. Over time we have come across some pretty awful installations done by bad installation companies. We now focus full time on fixing the messes left behind by unprofessional companies and educating homeowners on how to properly maintain their systems. 

Our mission is to help you stay energy independent. We are the Solar Service Professionals.

We provide service and installations of medium voltage throughout Southern California. The safe operation of medium voltage equipment is dependent upon qualified installation, operation, and maintenance. The certified electrical staff at DSP Electrical is dedicated to meeting the electrical needs of our customers with the ability to engineer, install, and provide preventative maintenance services. 

Medium voltage is what most consider high voltage electricity, ranging from 600 volts to 69000 volts (69 kiloVolts, or 69KV). DSP Electrical has the special equipment and training to get the job done safely. 

Medium Voltage Systems

Design Build / Design Assist

DSP Electrical team is set apart by its extraordinary strength, excellence and creative design build services. we use the latest in web-based design technology and highly experienced engineering and design personnel who are capable of coordinating the entire process from concept to completion.

Our design teams can work with other architectural and engineering firms to provide complete electrical design or coordinate the entire process from concept to completion.

Our design build teams can provide cost control and systematic reviews of the engineering process from blueprint through construction

Estimating & Project Management

We are responsible for overseeing and managing the electrical projects for your organization. We are in charge of managing all aspects of electrical tasks and delegating responsibilities to our electrical professionals at DSP.

From reviewing and studying project documents including estimates, design drawings, specifications, customer proposals and contracts all the way to monitoring the project progress and maintaining the project schedule at DSP Electric we will take care of everything for you.


Maintenance, Emergency, and Service Calls

We provide fast, cost-effective maintenance, emergency, and service Calls. Electrical services and maintenance isn’t just for your convenience; they’re also for your safety. High-quality electrical work can keep your home and business safe and prevent serious accidents.

We work quickly to identify the problem and the solution, getting you back up and running in no time at all. Providing the best customer service in Southern California. 


All Electrical Systems

We provide a variety of high-quality residential and commercial services, including lighting design and electrical solutions. We can do it all!

Our specialists ensure that no matter what service you are looking for, you are getting the best quality work possible.

DSP Electrical have many years of fiber optic cabling experience across a range of industrial sectors including MOD, Petrochemical, Education, Finance and Commerce. With a proven capability to deliver successful fiber optic cabling projects our clients are assured of quality and professional design and installation services.

Whether you need a fiber optic backbone for a data cabling system, fiber to the desk, links between buildings across your campus, or between floors within a building, or a fiber cabling contractor to deliver a major cabling project, we have the expertise to undertake any project. Our engineers are equipped with the latest fiber optic splicing and testing equipment and come with all the necessary clearances and training to work in all environments.

Fiber Optics